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     This website is dedicated to preserving forgotten aeronautical history pertaining to the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.  Our goal is to assist researchers and educators in locating information and images not found at other aviation related websites.  Information collected here includes, but is not limited to, aircraft accidents beginning with balloon flights in the 1800s, unsolved mysteries and early  aviators, historic aviation articles on various topics, as well as vintage and modern photographic images.  

     Researchers can search this website by subject, name, date, and location, by using the search box on the upper right of this page, or by browsing among the different pages.  A search box is also located on the pages dedicated to aviation accidents.  In the case of military accidents, one can also search by squadron designation, aircraft type, and serial number.     

     New information is constantly being added.

     Thank you for visiting.   

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