Groton, CT – October 19, 1944

Groton, Connecticut – October 19, 1944

     On October 19, 1945, a navy fighter plane crashed into the roof of a home belonging to Fillibert L. Bergeron, causing substantial damage to the structure.  (The specific type of aircraft and the exact address are not stated.)  As the plane tore through the house, it snagged the blanket off a sleeping 2-year-old girl.  After striking the home, the aircraft continued onward and came down in a nearby school yard. (The name of the school is not stated.)  State troopers found the blanket amidst the aircraft wreckage. 

     The pilot was identified as navy Lieutenant W. J. McCartney, of Toledo, Ohio, who survived the ordeal with non-life threatening injuries. 

     The sleeping girl was unharmed.       


     New York Times, “Plane Wrecks Room; Sleeping baby Saved”, October 20, 1944.    (Two photos with article.)


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