Northampton, MA – May 13, 1948

Northampton, Massachusetts – May 13, 1948 

     On May 13, 1948, an four-engine Army transport plane was flying over Massachusetts on a routine flight from Westover Field, when it encountered foul weather and had to switch to instrument flight rules.  The plane disappeared from radar before crashing in Northampton, and no distress call was reported. The three crewmen aboard were killed. 

     The dead were identified as:

     Captain Paul Lonquich, 40, of Yonkers, N.Y.

     1st Lt. Wilfred W. Lavinder, 23, of Portsmouth, Ohio.

     S/Sgt. Jack Zaresky, 26, of Queens, N.Y.   

     Source: New York Times, “Army Plane Falls; 3 Die”, May 14, 1948


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